#future of work
It's no secret that organizations today need to be re-designed if they are going to succeed in the modern marketplace. But, as everyone knows (and I'm sure you've felt this yourself), most companies don't work like this anymore—the environment we live in is too unstable! The point of this is that your organization needs to be flexible in order for it not only survive, but also thrive.
#1. Make work purposeful
When it comes to high-performing teams, the first thing that stands out is how they need a clear sense of purpose with an ability articulate outcomes and goals clearly.
#2. Empower the team
When teams are well-defined, they can operate with clarity about who is on the team and what their contribution needs to be.
#3. Build trust
Teamwork is essential for success. When people feel trusted and cared about by their teams, they are more likely to behave professionally than when on low-trust or no collaboration teams!
#4. Portofolio of incentives
To incentivize teams to work well as a group and achieve breakthrough goals, their rewards should be clearly linked with the performance of each individual member. Different types of incentives can satisfy needs from diverse contributors.
#5. Constant improvement
In order to improve, teams must evaluate what works and does not work. They can do this by permanently adjusting their behavior or learning new techniques on an ongoing basis in order for them grow into better versions of themselves while still striving toward goals together as a team!

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